Wedding videography can do more than just document your day. The video camera is used to tell a story - the story of your special day that you will treasure for years to come. While a photo captures a moment in time, a wedding video allows you to relive and hold on to the memories of your wedding day forever! Listening to how you said your vows, to the reaction of the groom when he watches his bride make her way down the aisle. Live video of your devotion of becoming one can become a priceless memory for not only you, but for those relatives and friends that could not attend.

When the wedding budget starts to sink in, some people think they have to choose between a photo album and a professional video. We realize a photo album is important to you. Equally important is to have your wedding videotaped by a professional company. A video of your wedding day will allow you and your family to relive this moment in time for generations to come. The memories you relive watching your wedding video on anniversaries together is a special un-replaceable gift to each other.

With the Fall River Mills river as a background, friends and family were able to witness a glorious day unfold as Nathan & Casi sealed their lives together as one.

What a beautiful wedding and wonderful couple to work with!

October 10, 2014
...It is absolutely beautiful! I watched it over and over and cried every time.
You guys did an amazing job... Thank you for capturing our day and making it a lifetime of memories... you guys are gifted beyond words, and we pray God continues to bless your business and your families”
— Vianca Osterman