Living Tributes

Honor special people in a personal and dramatic way through a Living Tribute Video. A living tribute video weaves a biographical story of those “special people” through combinations of photos, video and special narration along with any music genre.

Do you or another member of your family have an interesting story to tell? Capture it on video in the comfort of your own setting, and create a lasting piece of history for the entire family to enjoy for years to come. You can even have Redding Video Productions create a family tree video using pictures and video of your family.

These are great unique gifts to be handed down for generations to come.


Memorial Tributes

A Memorial Tribute is a way in which families may honor their loved ones by creating their life stories through pictures and video to be used at the chapel service. Childhood celebrations, weddings, births, life’s achievements, spiritual beliefs and words of wisdom can be realized through this memorial. This tribute becomes a genealogy of family history preserving forever the treasured legacy of a lifetime of knowledge that can be viewed by future generations to come.

A Memorial Tribute to your loved ones will be a cherished monument that will last a lifetime. It is our hope to provide a place where events, accomplishments and personalities can be documented and remembered forever. It is our sincerest desire that a Memorial Tribute video will help to provide a measurement of comfort to you and your family.

Wooten Memorial, We were able to provide the family with a wonderful video of their loved one at a time of sorrow. This is a video that could also be made available to people who could not attend the service.