When videotaping sporting events, experience and knowledge of the game are critical to recording an event not only accurately...but with passion. Whether your sport is soccer, football, baseball, basketball, track, softball or racing, we can create a DVD that will be a permanent reminder of that special season, game, or career.

Here are some of the things Redding Video Productions can do for your student athlete:

  • Create "Highlights of a Season" DVD for the whole team from games we shoot ourselves or from supplied video and photographs (contingent on good-quality source).
  • Create a dramatic video program of an individual game, documenting a special rivalry, a championship game, or a season finale.
  • Create a DVD compilation reel of highlights and profile information in support of a high school athlete's college or scholarship application.
  • Redding Video Productions will provide professional footage so you can create a customized website to enable family and recruiters to track an athlete's season.

Create a fun "music video" based on video sports highlights, which makes a great video gift for an athlete and his/her family.