We specialize in the finest quality video for Recitals and Theatrical Performances using state-of-the-art high-definition video and sound equipment.

Videotaping recitals and performances is an art form in itself. Changes in lighting (both in color and intensity) and the complexity of capturing all of the audio (music, audience reactions, tap dancing, etc.) provide many challenges in the production and quality of the video.

Capturing dance recitals on video requires more than the simple operation of a camera. Each camera operator is responsible for a specific portion or routine (i.e.: framing the entire stage or following a particular dancer, or group of dancers, with a closer view, isolating them from the rest of the stage). The director is responsible for coordinating each camera shot and selecting the best one for each aspect of the routine. Capturing audio from the music, tap dancing (for tap routines), and audience applause requires multiple microphones and line feeds blended together at the appropriate levels for optimum sound.

Our many years of experience in capturing "live" events have prepared us for mastering these challenges. Our professional digital cameras are exceptional when it comes to adjusting to the changes in the color and brightness of stage lighting.

Dance Recitals, Musicals, This is a blend of a Dance Recital performed by the Dance Depot and Enterprise Starship performed by Enterprise High School which we have been doing for years and they are a blast to work with.