Redding Video Productions is proud to present the finest in race action videos! Terry and Joanne have been taping race action videos since 1981. We use the highest grade tape to give you the best picture and sound during reproduction.

Drag Boat racing is one of the most dangerous sports on the continent and produces some of the wildest action and crash footage! Grab your favorite snack and beverage because you are going to be glued to your seat until the end.

Each of these DVD's are available for purchase, so take a look!

The Spectaculars of Drag Boat Racing

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Each 2 -hour tape shows the best of that year's racing thrills. All the record setting runs, some of the closest side by side action, pit scenes of crews working on their boats, crashes with slow motion, interviews with owners and drivers, interviews with drivers after crashes, shots from the starting dock showing the drivers view and the remains of some boats after a crash. Our nostalgia tapes from the 80's show these heroes pilot their plastic fantastics at 200 plus MPH in open cockpit boats (no capsules) and the only thing that kept the men in their machine was their shear determination and strength to hang on to the wheel and BE THE 1ST THROUGH THE LIGHTS. The late 80's and into the 90's brought the innovation of the roll cages and on to the fully enclosed capsules. The drivers were fully harnessed in the capsule and had oxygen bottles for breathing. These videos are fully entertaining and packed with full of action.



Our very 1st Spectacular features super heroes like Eddie Hill who drove the “Texan” and raced against legends like the Tuttle brothers who drove “The Nitro Bandit” and “The Nitro Express” and the late Bill Todd in “Billy The Kid”. The late Cecil Florence in the “Coors light Special” The late Jim Benson in “Hot Blooded” and those who retired from drag boat racing like “Daddy’s Toy” “Morgan’s Flying Machine” “The Nighthawk” “Red Baron” “The Sting” “Smoke On The Water” and more.



Mrs. English Leather Beauty Contest is one you won’t want to miss on this video. Along with that is dynamic hair lifting crashes that will curl your toes. Fire blasts as engines burn, blowers blowing up and near miss crashes are part of the thrills in this video. Races in Oklahoma, St. Louis, Waco and many other race tracks are sure to whet your whistle and ask for more. This is the tape that shows you the last ride in drag boats which ended in a terrifying crash for Eddie Hill “THE TEXAN” ..Other exciting racing action from Ofixco Special, Turbulance, Crusader Rabbit, Going Places, Final Effort, Double Vision and more like Alacran Scorpion who’s throttle sticks and he blazes a trail through the water trying to direct his boat to not crash into (2) campers at the end of the track. He is successful in that he drives the boat to go between the campers and just before impact, he jumps out of his boat and has his leg almost cut in half. The hospital is able to save his leg and he is still a lover of the sport.



More exciting race action from various parts of the U.S. including Oklahoma, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona & California. This action packed tape is a definite COLLECTOR ITEM. Lots and lots of crashes are on this tape including More Wheaties, Spookie, Wasted Nites, Liquid Energy and too many more to mention.



The year of 86 was a particularly sad year in the sport of drag boat racing. We dedicated this tape to (7) drivers who lost their lives doing what they loved best “Drag Boat Racing”. Those racers were (Milt Champion-Mid Life Crisis), (Dave Nolte-Liberty), (Bill Todd-Billy The Kid), (Denny Vashell-Flat Out Of Sight), (Huey Jones-Ambush), (John Young-Strange Behavior) and (Bill Hartman- Ofixco Special). This tape has footage of great racing on the above mentioned drivers. Along with that are other awesome crashes, trophy dashes, engines blowing up and more.



This year was the start of mandatory roll cages for Top Fuel Hydros where the drivers were strapped in their boats. Some racers started with open roll cages and others like Spirit Of America had closed capsules. See the great run between father & son racing team, Ray & Tim Capaldi. Also see two of the first terrifying crashes with open roll cages showing Hillbilly and Madness walking away.



You won’t want to miss owning this video. It is the only one in the series that is two and a half hours long. This tape encompasses (3) months of straight traveling across the U.S. to bring you the best of the best from 18 races. See the trophy dash between Tom Black in Final Effort against Madness and an interview from Tom Black and Ron Braaksma which is memorable. If you remember Smokin N Strokin, you will enjoy the footage showing amazing record runs by him and then unfortunately he ends in a mind numbing crash that sets our hearts crashing along with him. I know you will also enjoy the titillating bikini shots in this video along with a bathing suit contest. You have to see it to believe it!!!!! Lots of bathing beauties from as far away as Morristown, Tennessee. In Dayton, Ohio, see Against The Wind catch on fire and burn up leaving the boat in smithereens. Top Gun and Kyees Aluminum Express put on a fabulous show for you too. Lots of great shots from a helicopter in the air. This tape is one of our greatest and a sure winner.



Famous Australian racer Stan Tindal who was high points champion for IHBA driving his Aussie Express crashes in this tape and you will want to hear his interview and how he felt afterward. You will want to see Tim Capaldi who crashes in Thunder From Down Under and his amazing interview in his own words telling you the blow by blow details. Clint Reed also crashes and you will hear him telling you all about it. These interviews from the racers themselves will keep you on the edge of your seat. See the brothers “Ermshar” racing against each other and see also the amazing Steve Varner in his “Caught In The ACT” boat. He sure puts on a show for you. If you like barefoot skiing, you will sure enjoy reliving Scott Pellatons OVER 120 MPH WORLD RECORD ON BAREFOOT. We know you will like the Bikini shots in this DVD also.



See the steering wheel come off Cliff Bingham’s “Money For Nothin” boat ** he loses control and crashes the boat. He lives to tell you in his interview how it felt driving with no steering wheel. Wasted Nites crashes and a boat called Breathless goes for a wild ride onto the beach. You will also enjoy the interview from Ralph Padilla regarding his hair raising crash in his Top Fuel Hydro boat Quarterflash as he flys to the moon. BIKINIS BIKINIS AND MORE BIKINIS. You will love these shots too.



This tape is dedicated to Jim Benson “Hot Blooded” who crashed and died doing what he loved, Drag Boat Racing. You will see some pit scenes of Hot Blooded in this video. Also on this video you get to see Fatal Attraction and Blown Crazy who sink their boats. If you have followed the Spirit of America team, you will enjoy hearing in Kyle Walker’s own words his wild ride which resulted in a hole in the sponson of his boat. Lots more crashes and wild runs by your favorites: California Hustler, Beautiful Noise, Speed Sport Special, Top Gun and lots lots more.



One of our very best that you will definitely enjoy having in your collection.

This was another year that we traveled for 3 months covering races throughout the U.S.In this tape, find exciting footage of the Denver Mullins “Public Enemy” crash at Lake Ming. Then at Marble Falls, Texas, we were fortunate enough to get an interview with Denver. Who would know that that would be the only and last interview talking with Denver about his love of the sport. Also see the crash of Uptight and Flexy Flyer with wreckage footage never before seen and an interview with the driver.Many other crashes occurred this year like Cooken, Whiskey River, Just Another Toy, and an Outboard boat called Taz that crashed at August, Georgia. And again, if you enjoy those HOT GIRLS IN THEIR BIKINIS, then this tape is the one for you. We have the Miller girls here for you too. This was the year that Ahh $um Toy crashed and a boat called Sin Fuel along with California Hustler and Sin Fuel. This tape you will watch over and over again. IT IS THAT GOOD……