The Importance of Choosing to Video Your Wedding

If you are like most people, when an important event is happening in your life, most of the time it is hard and sometimes impossible to remember everything that is said or done, or who was there.  It is so wonderful to relive memories from a professional who has captured that special moment for you on video.

“You won’t be sorry you used a professional for your video on that special day”

Keep in mind that you could accept the offer from a friend or relative who (out of good intentions) asks to video your wedding with their home camera as a gift but, when you will be feeling in most cases is NOT what you are expecting. Since it is a gift, you cannot tell them you are not happy with the video that may not have good sound from your vows or good quality video of your wedding day.  True to form, your friend or relative is there not only to video for you, but to have a good time partying at your wedding.  This means you should make a wise choice by hiring a professional, guaranteeing your wedding will be thrilling to watch or make the choice gambling that you will be happy with your non-professional video.   The decision is yours…Just remember…”The Bitterness of Poor Quality” remains long after “The Sweetness of Low Price”.

When you do decide to hire a professional, a few questions you should ask are:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Can I meet with you to see the quality of work you do?
  3. Do you supply references?
  4. What kind of equipment do you use?  Is it professional or consumer equipment and do you offer multi-camera shoots?
  5. Do you attend rehearsals?
  6. What are your prices and do you offer DVDs?
  7. If my photographer misses something, can you help with a still video frame?
  8. Do you put a wireless mic on the groom so we will hear our vows on the video?   Do you use the wireless mic at the reception?
  9. Do you offer the service of pictures and/or video to show at the reception or rehearsal dinner on a TV or big screen?
  10. Can you do custom editing?  Can I be there when you do the editing?
  11. Is there a contract that is to be signed?

A reputable video company will not hesitate to answer any questions you may have.  After your meeting and seeing their work, checking out references and feeling good about the memories that they will create for you, it’s time to book.