Originally, Terry and Joanne moved to Redding in 1975, knowing that Redding was well known to be a wholesome and promising environment to raise a family. Eventually after a couple of years of learning the basic fundamentals of navigating a camera, they continued forward into capturing wonderful family moments and timeless memories for the people of Redding. This shifted their understanding of the importance and power of video by capturing multiple events from weddings, legal depositions, sporting events, commercials to “how to” and training videos and more. 

Not only does the team at Redding Video meet with you, shoot your production ideas and edit the pieces together, they also incorporate personalization and confidence in every single video project they produce.  They show care and concern to not only make a high quality and professional video but to have an ending result of the client feeling more than satisfied and ecstatic.

Terry and Joanne pioneered the vide taping of the Drag Boat Racing circuit in Red Bluff California in 1981.  Since then, they have traveled the entire circuit covering over 18 states and 24 race courses.  Not only were they able to provide priceless memories of action packed racing to racers and race fans, but were able to provide critical racing footage to major network companies such as Real TV, Worlds Most Amazing Videos, The Learning Channel, The Super Chargers and CNN.

The entire team of professionals at Redding Video allows it to be a full service production company that can help guide a client through their vision of any video ideas to production, editing and ultimate completion.  Whether you are looking for a professional video, Broadcast or High Definition, we are very understanding of your needs and strive to do our best for you.

Redding Video can travel to any location with our fully equipped 14’ Box Van. We are proud to say we have been serving clients here in the North State and surrounding communities as well as clients who are out of the area.

When you make the call to speak with one of our experienced team members, you will immediately know you are in trusted hands because we will take the time to listen to your ideas and perceived vision and assist in making that vision become a reality.


We offer a wide selection of video services including the following: