Redding Video is a creative production company that caters to all video services and needs.  With over 33 years of experience, Redding Video Productions approaches every project with enthusiasm and dedication.


Legal Videography

Redding Video Productions provides professional digital audio/video services to the legal community.  Attorneys continue to call upon our services because they know that experience and trust is always a number one priority for us.

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Latest Videos

Redding Video would like to invite you to keep checking our Blog page, where we’ll be posting some of our latest video work.  You’ll see excerpts of weddings, music recitals, events, productions and much more!

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Redding Video Productions initially started in May of 1981 by Terry and Joanne Fox with one video camera meant for capturing timeless family memories.  Terry and Joanne soon discovered that many people within the community of Redding also needed similar services.  It became ultimately clear that Shasta County had a place for a video production company that would be reliable and dependable.

Terry and Joanne have continued to grow within the video realm that requires both advanced technology and imagination. Redding Video is a creative production company that caters to all video services and needs.   Our team of Videographers is capable of handling projects of nearly every scale and genre, from single-camera events and operations to multi-camera commercial shoots.

Some people ask, “Why do I need to video this?” Video production of any event is critical because it can capture timeless moments at a sporting event, school, dance recital, wedding, church, and similar locations. There are specific moments that need to be captured and made custom, such as a wedding video for an excited, soon-to-be married couple, to the way a dancer performed at a dance recital with grace and elegance. There is also the utmost importance of having video of an offsite location, deposition or “daily life style” in a legal matter that can become essential and crucial during a court proceeding. Whatever the job, we are able to accelerate at and provide. 

We look at every new project as an opportunity to grow, to challenge ourselves, to give our clients more than what they ask for. We strive to make the vision of your video better than you ever imagined it could possibly be.

With over 33 years of experience in Shasta County, Redding Video Productions has proven that since we provide a professional service, at an affordable price, our clients continue to call upon our services before anyone else.

Regardless of the challenge or budget, we approach every project with enthusiasm and dedication…